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57 Sunflower Porteur

This past week I built up a 57cm Sunflower Rambler as a Portuer.  What is commonly referred to as a “city bike” these days, the Porteur has deep roots as a French newspaper delivery bike.  Optimized for getting stacks of … Continue reading

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Paul Racer Mounting

Almost there!

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Rambler No.3 Built Up

Rambler No.3 is now fit and built up to what it will most likely be for a while.  I still need to sort out the racks, but am stoked on how it turned out. After riding the bike a bit … Continue reading

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Rambler No.3 Preview

I should have this wrapped up by the end of the day, but wanted to share the preview: Plenty of room for the Hetres and fenders, hammered honjos waiting to go on, as are a couple rolls of red cloth … Continue reading

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LeMond Zurich 650b Conversion

I had the pleasure of adding a new chapter to a customers long-lived road bike.  He has owned this 1999 LeMond Zurich since new.  His interest was starting to head towards the rougher less traveled roads above Santa Barbara, and … Continue reading

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650b Conversion Kits

I am putting together the bits and pieces needed for a customer who wants to dip their toe in the 650b waters before diving in with a propose built frame set. As always these projects require a bit of measuring … Continue reading

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I am sure many of you, but maybe not all, who are readers here are likely familiar with Bicycle Quarterly, and the strong bias towards traditional French bicycles that they profess.   BQ is one of the few sources of … Continue reading

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Trek 613 650b Conversion Complete

This is the most beautiful bike I have built up yet.  I would even go as far as saying it is nicer than my roadeo from Rivendell.  After years of reading on the web and doing multiple 650b conversions on my … Continue reading

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650b Conversion Clearance

Some of you may be familiar with converting old road bikes to 650b, smaller rim, fatter tire, possibly more fun.  I am working on an older Fuji  for a friend at the moment and had to share this.  It has and … Continue reading

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Load Testing

Today was another fantastic day to be out on the bike gathering the groceries for the week ide blue skies to the east with the fog looming just offshore behind me.  THe high sweeping clouds made the blue skies pop, … Continue reading

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