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57 Sunflower Porteur

This past week I built up a 57cm Sunflower Rambler as a Portuer.  What is commonly referred to as a “city bike” these days, the Porteur has deep roots as a French newspaper delivery bike.  Optimized for getting stacks of … Continue reading

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Why A Rambler

The Rambler is a true Cyclotouring bike, steeped in traditional French design, but brought forward to work with modern components and fittings.  It is the kind of bike that once dominated the market, but went away as racing came to … Continue reading

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Hill Repeats

I decided to put my new bag through the paces climbing and descending some steep hills behind town on my way back from the post office today.  June gloom, fog and mist aside it was a great time. I have … Continue reading

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Ramblers Getting Closer

The next round of Ramblers is getting closer to delivery!  Fifty is a lot of bikes, while I dream of batches way bigger than this, I am pretty happy to be cutting my teeth on 50. So what does 50 … Continue reading

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Last Minute Changes

I am getting ready for a quick overnight tour this weekend, and got an itch that I might as well try out a new / old headset that has been sitting on my bench for a while now.  Having bounced … Continue reading

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Coffee Ride

With the fog rolling in I decided to head up into the hills for today’s coffee ride Another great way to recapture some time outdoors this morning.

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Third Wednesday

So it is officially a trend, made it out for three weeks in a row!  Luckily the temps were not quite as cold this morning, still chilly, and the challenge is finding a place out of the wind.  This is … Continue reading

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Second Wednesday

It was a busy weekend with family coming in for a visit, and fighting off another round of the cold/flu that has been assaulting our home this winter.  Although later than I would have liked, and not the first cup … Continue reading

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Wednesday Morning Coffee Ride

This is not about your average coffee ride where you are sitting around with you buddies sipping espresso at starbucks before you hit the road.  It is all about getting out there, making a bit of extra time in the … Continue reading

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Paul Racer Mounting

Almost there!

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