Last Minute Changes

I am getting ready for a quick overnight tour this weekend, and got an itch that I might as well try out a new / old headset that has been sitting on my bench for a while now.  Having bounced around the globe, and up and down the west coast, I had the green light from the previous owner that it was mine (thank you).  Combining that with the Paul Comp Funky Monkey sitting around for months now too, it was time…the starting point

6.7 HS wp-1and the inspiration for change..

6.7 HS wp-2Having the proper tools for the job only makes things better.

6.7 HS wp-56.7 HS wp-4You may have noticed the faced head tube surface, and Yes the Ramblers will be like that in the box, it is the right way to do things.  Everything went together smooth as butter

6.7 HS wp-3Why change it all yo might be wondering?  After all it was working just fine, love the silky smooth King headset.  The NOS Stronglight headset has roller bearings that reputedly will have a beneficial effect on any shimmy that could occur with Low Trail bikes.  So far everything has been really good on mine as well as other Ramblers.  Shimmy has net been an issue unless pushing the limits of low tire pressure, loose headsets or floppy loads, all things you should be avoiding anyway.  Since I do get questions on the issue, it was time to try out a roller bearing headset on a Rambler for myself.  I have used them on other bikes, and honestly if things are all in balance, shimmy has not been an issue for me regardless of the headset type.  The second reason was to confirm the clearance of the Funky Monkey cable stop with the biggest headset I could find, not a problem at all, room to spare.  Having tried most cable stops currently available, this one is hands down the nicest.

Now to get all the work for the day done so I can head up into the back country tomorrow afternoon with some friends.  Happy Friday, and get out there and ride this weekend!


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3 Responses to Last Minute Changes

  1. Ryan says:

    I’d never heard of the Funky Monkey!
    I like the looks of it, so I may have to get one to replace the clunky hanger on my Rambler. Funny thing is, I almost emailed a while back to ask if you knew of a more elegant looking hanger!
    I’m using a Stronglight headset on my Rambler too, it works great. I’ve tried and can’t get even the slightest amount of Shimmy.


  2. Steve says:

    Hi, sorry to be one of these people but “irregardless” isn’t really a word. It’s a double negative. Regardless would be correct.

    Keep up with the awesome bike work. Love seeing your business progress.

    • Rob says:

      Fixed, and I am sorry for forcing out the inner grammar cop. I should not be allowed to use words, and just stick to photos and bike design. Really, my mastery of the english language is such that I dream of the day I am making enough to pay somebody else to do the writing

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