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C Line Impressions and Price Bump

The presale C Lines started shipping out to customers last week and initial impressions and feedback have all been great. Here it has been a week of true satisfaction on the New C Lines tires.  With time constraints being pretty … Continue reading

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Soma C-Line First Impression

The New C Line Tires are available CLICK HERE to purchase We have been working with soma since last Spring to bring some wide, supple, high quality tires to market.  The results are in and the new C-Line tires are … Continue reading

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Racks that Fit

Continuing our series on getting a proper rack(s) onto your Rambler, today we will tackle an easy one.  The Bruce Gordon Lowrider Rack with the upper mounting point in the vertical configuration will bolt right up.  It fits both the 700c … Continue reading

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New Soma C-Line Coming Soon

Back in the spring when we visited with Merry Sales (Soma Fabrications) the conversation turned towards some projects that we would like to see come to fruition and possibly collaborate a bit on.  They have been good to me as … Continue reading

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Coaxial Lighting Wire

As part of the program here at Ocean Air Cycles I have been working on sourcing components and materials for complete builds.  Often times the materials or parts we are used to as cyclists end up being tied up by … Continue reading

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Paul Comp Funky Monkey

We just added the Paul Component Engineering Funky Monkey to the storefront.  After trying most of the currently available stops, and a few vintage offerings it became clear that the Funky Monkey is hands down the best bang for your … Continue reading

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Pocket Knives

Today I was packing up a decade old daily companion for a trip back to its makers for a refresh. This had me thinking about my pocket knives, and other tools that I carry every day.  There has been a … Continue reading

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C-Line For Reals

We did the poll, the response was good, the cool folks at Soma saw value and the C-Line tires are going to happen, better, they are happening this year The tire is loosely a 700c version of the fantastic and … Continue reading

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Why A Rambler

The Rambler is a true Cyclotouring bike, steeped in traditional French design, but brought forward to work with modern components and fittings.  It is the kind of bike that once dominated the market, but went away as racing came to … Continue reading

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Hill Repeats

I decided to put my new bag through the paces climbing and descending some steep hills behind town on my way back from the post office today.  June gloom, fog and mist aside it was a great time. I have … Continue reading

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