Racks that Fit

10.7 Racks WP-1140229Continuing our series on getting a proper rack(s) onto your Rambler, today we will tackle an easy one.  The Bruce Gordon Lowrider Rack with the upper mounting point in the vertical configuration will bolt right up.  It fits both the 700c and 650b Ramblers from the current batch onward with no modification needed.  These are hands down the best deal going for a strong and light set of front pannier racks.  I added the custom light mount, but for a nominal fee Bruce generally will add some custom details.

In the coming week I will be tackling a couple of Mark’s rack, the upper silver one, installations and document the process.

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  1. Paul says:

    Having done a long unsupported tour using Bruce Gordon racks I can say they have held up great and without issue. I used them commuting, buying groceries pretty much any way I can. Bruce is actually a real person and has been willing to talk to me about his products (I own one of his frames). He really stands behind his product and wants buyers to be satisfied.

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