Wednesday Coffee

I managed to dodge the first real winter rain of the season this morning.  It my or may not start later today, but it sure looks like it, and there was rain on the horizon.  It was also the first real ride of the season where i needed to cover my knees, temps dipping into the 50’s, yes I know the horrors of living in Southern California.  The extra bonus was leaving my filter cone at home, getting to improvise, and guess what….it was all still way better than OK.

10.9 Coffee WP-1030122 10.9 Coffee WP-114065310.9 Coffee WP-1030129 10.9 Coffee WP-114065110.9 Coffee WP-114064510.9 Coffee WP-1030133 10.9 Coffee WP-1030164Get out and ride your bike, drink a little coffee, and play outside!

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3 Responses to Wednesday Coffee

  1. Michael Odesse says:

    I see you just put on longer pants. I just put on my thermal tights this morning as the temperature hit 30F. I’ve been riding in my shorts for awhile now in the upper 30s. It’s surprising how acclimatized you can become. And yes I’m in Canada. Have a great weekend.


  2. humancyclist says:

    Wow. these images are beautiful. You make me want to be you! Coffee, cycling and the sea. Three of my most favourite things in life.

    • Rob says:

      Thanks, glad to spread the stoke and here that there are more of us we the same three favorites.

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