Coffee Outside

Things are busy, and I jyst realized I now have two wednesday blog posts back to back.  That means I need to catch up on the promised technical articles.  Until then….

Our Indian Summer is in full swing.  We live at the confluence of two valleys, one with wind coming down from the mountains at 50 degrees, and the other from the inland valleys at 80.  This morning the weather was dominated by high pressure, Santa Ana winds and it was a swirl of hot and cold, with crystal clear air and visibility as far as the curvature of the earth would allow.  I headed up into the hills above town to get the most out of the morning views.

10.16 Coffee WP-1030203 10.16 Coffee WP-103020510.16 Coffee WP-114070710.16 Coffee WP-1030208 10.16 Coffee WP-1030217 10.16 Coffee WP-114071310.16 Coffee WP-1140704 10.16 Coffee WP-1140714 10.16 Coffee WP-114071710.16 Coffee WP-1030237The best way to start the day, play outside, have fun, work hard and do what you love

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4 Responses to Coffee Outside

  1. Sal Mejia says:

    What’s the ride like up that hill? Is it steep?

    • Rob says:

      there are three ways up to the top, one is crazy for a mile or so 12% grade, one is more like 8-10% and the middle one is not too bad as long as you have gears. When I am feeling out of shape I can still get up there with a 1 to 1 gear ratio, that and there is no shame in walking a bit.

      • Sal Mejia says:

        I think I’m going to try this soon. I grew up in Oxnard and I’ve never been to this park. I’ve always heard people talk about it. Do you take Ferro or Brakey?

        • Rob says:

          I usually go up Brakey, but it is probably close to the same as Ferro as far as toughness. I like the view going up Brakey and down Ferro the best. Be sure to have lights and keep a careful eye out for cars, the roads are all narrow and drivers do not always seem to consider the number of cyclists and walkers using the park.

          Have fun

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