Ramblers Getting Closer

The next round of Ramblers is getting closer to delivery!  Fifty is a lot of bikes, while I dream of batches way bigger than this, I am pretty happy to be cutting my teeth on 50.

So what does 50 bikes look like on a production rack?

6.13 50-1And that is not all of them or the 50 forks too.

So far there are about 20% of the bikes spoken for.  I need your help to get that number up.  The more of these I can get out the door the faster we can start the next round.  Even then it will be Fall or Winter before there are more in the works.  So if you have been considering a Rambler for Summer now is the time to claim yours.

As an incentive I will be updating the storefront to reflect free shipping on all Ramblers with deposits in place prior to the completion of the powder coating process.  Fulfillment will be throughout the month of July.

What makes a Rambler different from some of the other options out there?

  • Choices of color: US Blue, Sunflower and Orange Soda
  • Provisions for integrated dyno lights, front and rear
  • Paul Racer Brakes INCLUDED in the package price, with brazed on mounts
  • Double Butted steel with tubing spec optimized for the frame size
  • Made in the USA, coated in the USA with US made powder
  • Sized in 2cm increments over a range from 51 to 63, there will be one that fits for most riders
  • Rack and fender mounts, front and rear
  • Highest levels of quality control

As an expansion on that last note.  In general production frames are held to a slightly lower standard of tolerance than some of the highest end custom bikes.  Quite often the imports are far enough out of spec that the bike you get is delectably different from what you may have ordered from a spec sheet.

6.13 QC-1The Ramblers are made in Portland by guys that care, guys that ride and love bikes.  The spec and tolerances are much tighter than you will see elsewhere.  Many Ramblers will be rolling out in Portland, a good number of you may even know the guy confirming the alignment of the rear dropouts in this pic.  He, and all the team at Zen, want you to be as stoked with your Rambler as I do, and never hear a complaint.  This all matters so that your frame set builds up quickly and easily, then goes on to provide years of faithful service.

So what are you waiting for, claim your Rambler now, these are unique bikes in the market place, delivering most of what you would want in a custom Rando bike but at production prices and delivery.


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