Wednesday Coffee on the Beach

Made it out this morning on m own for the Wednesday ritual.  Pretty gloomy out, but warm, light breeze and super low tide fun.

6.12 Coffee -4It was still pretty close to dark when I set up at the edge of the rocks and sand.  At first I noticed just a few sand fleas, then a few more and then there were swarms of them, more than I have ever seen burrowing out of the sand.

6.12 Coffee -3For me, they are more of an annoyance and something to avoid getting in the mug.  In some parts of the world they will bite like crazy and leave you with a rash.  I am guessing that I am either lucky or the ones we get here are just not that bad.  Still, it was either move camp or walk around a bit.  I chose the latter since, as we all know, a watched pot never boils.

6.12 Coffee -1

6.12 Coffee -106.12 Coffee -6 6.12 Coffee -7As the tide was dropping, the limpets or bigger sand fleas, started their migration to the edge of the surf zone.  This is when I noticed something completely new after a lifetime spent on the beach.

6.12 Coffee 2-1

The swarming sand fleas were ganging op on the limpets and taking them down.  These things are all so small I was wishing for my macro lenses.  But here is a gang of them on the back-end of a limpet trapped on its back.

6.12 Coffee -14Getting back to the task at hand, the water had boiled, coffee grounds were stirred in, and is was time for a couple of quick taps on the pot to get them settled.

6.12 Coffee -12Another successful morning ride.  I missed having company this week, but end up taking more pictures when I am alone.  As for the war of the Limpets and Fleas, that is something I will never forget.

6.12 Coffee -11

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