Battery Light Bracket

I have made a few successful light mounting bracket out of upcycled chainrings.  They work quite well for something that would normally be thrown out or recycled.  The upside is that they come pre-drilled, are easily cut to size, easily cleaned up with files, sufficiently rigid to support most lights and are relatively light weight.

6.10 light mt dyn-1I have a similar solution that I have used with battery mounted lights as well.

6.10 light mt bat-1 6.10 light mt bat-2This one has served me well, but as I get ready to switch this bike over to a dynamo lighting system, I thought is was a good time to share the set up.  There is a lot that the home hobbiest can do solve challenges like this with basic hand tools and a trip to the local hardware store.

Here is a sneak peak of the mount I am working on for the upcoming dyno system.  First step is tacking and filling with epoxy.  Next up is a composite wrap.  Conventional wisdom is that something like this needs to be brazed.  If whole bikes can be built with bonded metal and composite systems, I am sure light mounts can be done just fine.

6.10 Light Mount-1Next steps are to smooth the filler, clean it up and wrap it with a resin fiberglass matrix.  More on that soon.

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