57 Sunflower Porteur

This past week I built up a 57cm Sunflower Rambler as a Portuer.  What is commonly referred to as a “city bike” these days, the Porteur has deep roots as a French newspaper delivery bike.  Optimized for getting stacks of newspapers out to the stands around Paris, the Porteur is optimized for speed and all day comfort in the urban environment, yet still able to handle well with exceptional front loads, i.e. a stack of newspapers.  THis translates into an excellent bike for most people who carry a varying load throughout the day, have a stop and go radius under 10 miles and prefer the comfort and added visibility of an upright position, think commuter.

This build has been well received on our social media channels with requests for more info on some of the details.  The build was a mix of price points, focused on a safe and transportational ride that will see daily use in Santa Clarita as well as longer weekend explorations.  Pictures tell the rest of the story…

11.1 57 Porteur-1030327 11.1 57 Porteur-1030332 11.1 57 Porteur-1030334 11.1 57 Porteur-1030335 11.1 57 Porteur-1030336 11.1 57 Porteur-1030337 11.1 57 Porteur-1030343 11.1 57 Porteur-103034711.1 57 Porteur bar-1140872

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  1. monomorpher says:

    Perfect Urban Product! Always wanted to buy perfect commuter. Do you deliver in India? Just kidding! At current prices It will be huge buy here.

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