Rambler No.3 Preview

I should have this wrapped up by the end of the day, but wanted to share the preview:

Plenty of room for the Hetres and fenders, hammered honjos waiting to go on, as are a couple rolls of red cloth tape.  This is going to be one hot little (51cm) bike.

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6 Responses to Rambler No.3 Preview

  1. Looks great. A couple of questions… Are the head tube lengths available? Also, if one doesn’t want the centerpull bosses, could the seatstay cable bridge/stop also me omitted? Lastly, will the brake bridge/fork crown accept allen-style brakes (e.g., Tektro R559)?

    • Rob says:

      Thanks for your interest. I can add head tube data to the spreadsheet later this week, if you let me know what size you are thinking of I can get you an answer earlier. The answer to all of your brake questions is yes. That said, I really do think the Paul brakes make the whole thing that much better. By the time the credits are worked out on the pricing for omitting some things, you would be saving about $200. Having ridden all of the offerings currently on the market, and many vintage, the Pauls are that much better, easier to set up, and you will never ever look back and regret it, I promise. Just have used them through my prototyping it will be hard for me to go back to the budget brakes. If still inclined towards a bolt on option, I believe the Diacompe 750 would offer better power and modulation as the pads will be high in the slots. The Tektro will offer more tire and fender clearance, but is a bit flexy under hard braking.

      • Thanks for the speedy response. I’m interested in the 57cm model.

        How do the Paul brakes match up with integrated brake/shift levers? I’m a die-hard Campy user, and typically use mini v-brakes.

        • Rob says:

          I can not honestly say from experience, as I am in the levers and bar end shifter camp. I have set up the Pauls with both Sram levers and Tektro. Both perform superbly, but the SRAM levers are awesome in terms of comfort for me. I would think, since they are the same as the doubletap, and many people that use sram or campy have never complained about brake lever to caliper mismatching that everything should be just fine between the Campy levers and Paul Racers.

  2. Thanks for the brake info. Let me know the head tube length when you have a chance.

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