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Matilija Creek S24O

This past weekend I was able to coax a couple of buddies out for a quick s24o camping trip up in the mountains behind Ojai.  Not an easy feat for most of us to pull off as life gets too … Continue reading

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New Tools Shedding Grams

It has been a busy run here, and this week had some more incoming tools I want to test out. The easy one is the new silicone folding coffee cone.  I have been looking for something a bit more portable … Continue reading

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Paul Racer Mounting

Almost there!

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Cooking Outside

I recently picked up a new stove to lighten my outdoor cooking load a bit.  I have been wanting a Trail Designs Ti-Tri Caldera cone for years now, but prefer a wider pot, and it is primarily meant to work … Continue reading

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Low Tide

Yesterday was starting off pretty normal, the task list was more than a day could hold, but the plan as always was to bite off as much as possible.  One thing I was not giving up was my regularly scheduled … Continue reading

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Pedal Thoughts and Tinkering

I will admit it, I am a pedal snob.  I have big feet, like to ride in Keens, and hate little tiny pedals that only support out to my middle toe.  It always feels like my foot is about to … Continue reading

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BBT Metric Century – Central Coast Mixed Loop

We spent the first part of the 4th of July weekend with family up in Atascadero, Ca and it was beautiful but HOT.  The highs were over 100 deg F most days, so most riding was done as early as possible.  … Continue reading

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Nothing is New

At least most things, and maybe new twists on old themes.  I was at the local used book store the other day.  Every now and then I stop in to see if something new has shown up in the areas … Continue reading

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Farmer’s Market Detours

I was on my way to get the vegetables when I decided to pull into McGrath State Park and explore some of the trails along the south side of the Santa Clara The winter rains have kept things flowing, the … Continue reading

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Spring in the Country

This years rains, with the now warmer weather is bringing out our short window of green and Flowers. Canada Larga Rd is an oasis of beauty unbelievably close to the city.  My favorite micro-tour.

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