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Pole Mount for GoPro

Lately I have been getting some inquiries about the pole cam system I was/am using to get some of the shots I was with the GoPro camera over the last couple of years.  I worked out a portable system that … Continue reading

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Getting the Shot

This one is for all of you out there who carry your cameras on the bike on EVERY ride.  Just like saddles and helmets, choice of camera gear and how to carry it can spark endless debate.  You have seen … Continue reading

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First Panda Poles for Sale

I think many of you are familiar with the shots I am able to get with my pole and GoPro set up.  Almost every fish eye shot of me on my Roadeo in the last 6 months was taken with one … Continue reading

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Drop Off and Pick Up

Making a bike ride out of  trip to the post office is a great way to inject a little adventure into the Friday lunch break.  It just so happened, there was a hole in the fog and a little blue sky … Continue reading

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Pole Mounted Camera

One of the challenges of being the photographer and the model is getting the camera far enough away to capture the angle of view you a shooting for while still being able to control the camera.  Often times is will … Continue reading

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Through the Looking Glass

Finally found the confluence of factors to get back into the water for a short window in time this morning.  It felt good, cold, but good.  The current wind conditions have the water temps in the 50s with air in … Continue reading

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New Years Eave Morning

Back out to the canyons on what was a bit colder than I expected morning.  Temps at home were around 37, but out in the fields and back in the canyons there was frost.  The wool worked and the wind … Continue reading

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