First Panda Poles for Sale

I think many of you are familiar with the shots I am able to get with my pole and GoPro set up.  Almost every fish eye shot of me on my Roadeo in the last 6 months was taken with one of these combinations.

I have started to make these by hand in small batches, and am offering them for sale. 

This example shows the one I use almost daily, with the first two that are available.

They are about 15″ long, custom lengths are available by request.  The handles are 1″ Diameter by 6″ long with shellac to seal them.  The all-thread is 1/4″ 20 and will fit most common camera tripod lugs and or Micro ball head mounts for greater angle control.  I cover the thread with shrink-wrap to protect you and your gear while leaving the end exposed for the jam nut and camera to mount.  Please note that the GoPro housing is there for example and not included.

I would only recommend these for use with light cameras like the GoPro or smaller point and shoot models.  I have tried it with my 3 pound GF1 and it did not go well.  With a little creativity you can capture a variety of angles:

  • Hand held of course
  • The shrink-wrap allows you to hold it in your teeth if needed
  • Stab it into the sand on the side of the road
  • Prop it up in the top of a pole or sign post
  • Stoker on the tandem
  • Toe strap to hold it to a pole or tree

As for how to carry them?  Mine fits well into the frame bag or saddle bag.  For shorter rides I leave it sticking out of my handlebar bag or lay it across the hoods of the brake levers.

Starting price on these is $25 shipped in the US.  Please use the contact page to purchase on while I am getting my shopping cart sorted out.

Thanks – Rob

P.S. I am also starting to re-populate the yard sale page a bit each day.

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2 Responses to First Panda Poles for Sale

  1. Eric Welborn says:

    Are you taking the pics with a time delay, or are you using a remote?

    • Rob says:

      There are a variety of ways. My GoPro was generally set to take a pic every 2 seconds. I would set up a shot, gram a series and then weed out the trash in post processing. With my micro 4/3 bodies I use a mix of 10 second timers and wireless remotes. 99.9% of the photos here on the site are all shot by me. Proof that I need more friend that shoot well.

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