Pole Mounted Camera

One of the challenges of being the photographer and the model is getting the camera far enough away to capture the angle of view you a shooting for while still being able to control the camera.  Often times is will use a combination of tripod, remotes and timers.  Other times, as readers likely know, I use the low tech solution of keeping my arm stretched out as far as I can without dropping the camera.  This past week I put a little time into fleshing out a pole mount for the camera. 

Version 1.0 has been going pretty well.  Materials list includes; 1/4 – 20 all thread, a piece of scrap dowel and a couple of cinch nuts to keep the mount secure at the camera end.  It is a little whippy, but more than stout enough for the GoPro.  The bend in the first picture is cold set using an old 26″ wheel as a mandrel.  The length works well for the Xtracycle.  I am not sure how to carry it on my other bikes, and now I have a shorter version on the project list as well as a stouter model for the GF1

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