Pole Mount for GoPro

Lately I have been getting some inquiries about the pole cam system I was/am using to get some of the shots I was with the GoPro camera over the last couple of years.  I worked out a portable system that would allow me to shoot point of view style, but from angles away from the body and not having the hand holding the camera in the shot.  There were quite a few revisions.  Most of them worked just fine, but the overall length was best carried in a frame bag.  To overcome that I ended up segmenting the pole.  Here is a peak at my latest compact version.

5.9 Pole Cam-11302025.9 Pole Cam-11302035.9 Pole Cam-11302045.9 Pole Cam-1130205

Key Features:

  • The pole moves the GoPro about 12 inches from your hand
  • The pole breaks down into sections about 8 inches long
  • Additional extension pieces can be used for added length
  • 1/4″ 20 threat will work with existing camera tripod mounts and accessories
  • Rare Earth magnets in the handle allow for quick mounting to sign posts, fence rails, guard rails, etc.  The world is your tripod
  • Hand shaped wooden handle with flat side for indexing camera orientation and durable shellac finish

As with a bunch of things these will be added to the storefront in the coming weeks, with a street price around $30.  If you are interested drop me an email through the contact page.

As for capturing the images, I set the camera to grab stills every 2 seconds, trigger it, hold it out to get a series of shots, then turn it off that simple.  It is the same basic process for video or riding past it mounted to something.  An easy and portable way to get more creative shots with you GoPro while on tour this summer.


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  1. Sam I Am says:

    This morning was perfect weather for a coffee ride. Big storm brewing to the NW, rain cooled air blowing in. I had to pack up and head out sooner than planned.

    Your camera system is great, I see in your photos what’s missing on most of the other cycling blogs. Motion! I think it’s a unique approach to cycling photography.

    Keep Pedaling


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