Wednesday Coffee

The night-cap version, still digging out today, and that is a good thing

5.8 Coffee WP-1130184made the time this morning as usual to take 30 minutes of personal time, brew some coffee, make some photos and cross paths with friends.  This time mike was out running with Red, but we made rough plans for a ride next week and possibly an overnighter in a month.

Whether it is brewing coffee on the ride, just riding, a surf a walk what ever make the time to get outside, it is amazing how much better your day will be for it.

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  1. doug peterson says:


    The Refugio ride went off despite having to adapt to the Camarillo Springs fire. Sorry we didn’t hook up but we hit Ventura mid-day Friday, hopped on the bikes & headed out. Returning Sunday, we dealt with stiff headwinds all day & were dead when we got to Ventura around 5. Absent the wind, Refugio is a terrific over-nighter (we rode to Solvang on Saturday, returning via Refugio Rd.)

    When you get dates on your over-night trip, let me know. I’d be up for it, especially now that I have a stove :).


    • Rob says:

      I am glad to hear you guys persisted. Between the wind and the smoke I was wondering if you would cancel. It was a crazy 4 days of weather for sure.

      I will keep you in the loop with any trips we do, I am hoping and planning to make it more often but this year as are most, is getting more interesting by the minute

  2. Darryl says:

    I need to come spend some time over there with you…actually, my whole Family does. Each time I see your pictures or read about what you’ve been doing, it makes me want to be doing it right there with you as well.

    My life is all about finding “the feeling”. I’ve never been able to describe what the feeling is like, but the vibe and feel to what you portray seems to fit it very well.

    Yes, I know I live in the Caribbean….but I envy your life Rob.


    • Rob says:

      Thanks Darryl. Having grown up in Florida there are times I really miss the warm water, but not the 90 degrees and humid. We have it pretty good here, but I am sure plenty of folks say that about Grenada too. Ventura strikes a good balance of small coastal town and proximity to everything SoCal has to offer. Which includes a huge homeless population, rampant bike theft, gangs passing through town etc. Not terrible, but the sweet comes with a little sour too. There are times we think of island life, but really this is a good place and home is where you make it. You have traveled a bunch, as they say the grass is always greener….but is it really

      • Darryl says:

        Good words, Rob. Thanks for the reminder. Well, I must say that you sure do a great job at creating peace, love, and bikes in all that you do. To me, that is pretty awesome.

        I’d still definitely like to spend some time over there with you.


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