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Maker Mark

This was one of those slow-moving long in the making sort of projects that came to a head all of a sudden.  There was a bit of web searching, then some asking around, with no good solution on how to … Continue reading

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Designer Builder Maker ?

While signing up for the Philly Bike Expo earlier this week the question came up if I was a “Builder”?  My first answer was no, “Designer” with an OEM contractor.  Then I filled in the description a bit more with … Continue reading

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Brooks B17 Select – Out of the box Impression and Review

While helping friends with their bikes, I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of really nice gear I would not have usually had come through the garage on my own budget.  This time it is one of … Continue reading

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More On Straps

The traditional mounting of the bag to the bike with leather straps and a dowel is still hard to do better.  Is light, strong, and relatively quick to get on and off if needed.  In the last post I mentioned my … Continue reading

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Gilles Berthoud Touring Saddle Review – 14 months

It has been a little over a year since I first picked up a Berthoud Touring saddle to add to my rotation of Brooks B17 saddles in the stable.  I had been drawn to the Berthoud after going through a … Continue reading

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