S&SUB First Ride

This has been an interesting week, and for some therapy I went through te garage to help a phoenix rise from the ashes.  You may have heard of the Bridgstone Urban Bike or even Jan Hine’s much more refined GBUB (Grand Bois Urban Bike), I now have my very own S&SUB:

As in Sanford and Son Urban Bike, finally bringing a beater Trek 400 back to life a sa 650B conversion with a fantastic spread of parts from all corners of my garage.  With the Rawland on its way out the door soon as well as a couple of others it was time to press some of the lonely frames back into action.

Initial impressions are pretty good too, this is going to be a fun bike in the stable.


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  1. cbleslie says:

    Looking good! That front rack looks awesome.

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