More Auctions Starting

The clean out continues this week, you can see my eBay auctions here. As written a few days ago, I am preparing to take the business to the next step and need to raise some capital, and keep bootstrapping this along.  This week we have my Rawland dSogn frameset, an older Selle Italia Flite Trans Am, King Headset and Tange Switchblades fork.  Soon to come up are the wheels from the dSogn, 40 Hole Dyads laced to White Industry M16 hubs, and older Dura Ace crankset, some more saddles, and other odds and ends.  I am still planning on updating the Yardsale pages with some older Trek road frames you may remember.


Thanks for taking a look, your continued readership and support help me steer this venture into the future.


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4 Responses to More Auctions Starting

  1. Errin says:

    Good luck on your auctions Rob. I’ve been doing the same thing. Clearing out bikes and parts through ebay. That’s how I bought my sewing machine!

    • Rob says:

      It is amazing how much you can gather if you have the space, and this has not even gotten too deep into the “spares” that I think I can use someday

  2. You’ve got my attention on the Trek frames. I remember seeing them on eBay. Where will they be posted?


    • Rob says:

      I have 3-60cm trek frame sets in various states of being, a 311 and 400 functional but with dented tubes, and a 600 that would be super nice if the PO had not crashed it head on, the fork is trashed but the frame is salvagable. Pictures are broken into my sets I have up on Flickr. I hope to have the yardsale page updated by Sunday. It is my Grandma-in-law’s 82’nd B-Day and she is in from Hawaii, I have a feeling this, among other family stuff, will play into how much I get done. Also, in the short term I am building up the 400 as an around town bike since the Rawland is heading out the door. More to come, thanks for our interest

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