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I am sure many of you, but maybe not all, who are readers here are likely familiar with Bicycle Quarterly, and the strong bias towards traditional French bicycles that they profess.   BQ is one of the few sources of … Continue reading

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Sneak Peak Number 2

I am guessing is you have followed my story you may be looking to get a bike that bridges transportation and sport, i.e transportation does not  have to be a mini van.  You like bikes that have a traditional look … Continue reading

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Sneak Peek

I have been keeping my cards to my chest on this project, but am at the point where I might pop if I do not share this one.  I have been working really hard on this project as of late, … Continue reading

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Double Ride Day

After taking the Roadeo out in the morning yesterday, I headed out in the afternoon on the Trek to get some groceries.  I opted that way as I knew that the load was going to be a bit bulky, diapers.  … Continue reading

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