Rambler Blemish Sale

The most recent shipment of Rambler frame sets has arrived and I have made it through the initial QC on about half of them.  Some are as close to perfect as I could hope.  A few missed the mark.  I consider the Rambler a premium product, as should all of our fans and customers, and hold the bar pretty high for finish work.  One was beyond hope as seen in the previous post, but a few are mechanically perfect, and only minor flaws in the powder coat.  I did not want to release these as firsts, but the risk is too high that they may end up in worse shape then better if we send them back again for re-paint.  These end up as sale bikes that can be found here at $1350.  Some examples of the minor flaws or scuffs in handling

5.21 Blem-1050763 5.21 Blem-1050764 5.21 Blem-1050766 5.21 Blem-1050770 5.21 Blem-1050771 5.21 Blem-1050773I honestly believe most customers would not have seen the flaws, but I did, and that is what counts before they leave the shop.  The frames are strong and true to design and function.  This is a great chance to pick up a Rambler at a deal, ride the heck out of it, and forget which beausage was the original and which was yours.

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  1. Mike says:

    As a small business those are tough calls to make. Being up front and pointing out the defects and then offering purchase choices works for everyone. Your products are built well and paint blemishes are not going to affect the bicycle handling in anyway.

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