Berkeley Bound

Another 650b Rambler is headed to Berkeley, CA this afternoon.  This will make the 5th Rambler in the SF Bay area, slowly creeping towards world domination!  It really hit me while working on these photographs, the Ramblers are my design, my vision made real by craftsmen in Portland, the whole pile of work it took, and continues to take.  The best part though is getting them out into the world, under happy riders, now exceeding their hopes of what a bike could be.  Performance and function that best meets the needs of people who would rather get to the day’s destinations by bike.  Thank you to every Rambler rider out there, you are the ones keeping this ride rolling.

5.27 Berkeley WP-1050849 5.27 Berkeley WP-1050854 5.27 Berkeley WP-1050855 5.27 Berkeley WP-1050857 5.27 Berkeley WP-1050858 5.27 Berkeley WP-1050859 5.27 Berkeley WP-1050861 5.27 Berkeley WP-10508665.27 Berkeley WP-1050856

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  1. meligrosa says:

    that is a good looking frame

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