The Unglamorous Side

At times it may appear dreamy getting to tinker with bike frames all day, making, designing and testing gear, but it is still work.  And then there are the real bummers, lost packages, time delays and cost overruns that are part of the business.  The thing I hate to most though is this

5.23 dents-1050810 5.23 dents-1050813All of the man hours and resources that go into it, from the ore to make the steel all the way to powder coating.  Then a moment of inattention renders it unsellable.  It will end up an a corner for a while, possibly end up as a store display or fixture to salvage some aspect of it.  But as a sellable bike it is a total loss, and that is really a bummer…..

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  1. doug peterson says:

    Arrgghh! That’s gotta hurt, in a number of ways. Sorry to see it. Hope there’s some way the frame can be useful, even though not saleable.

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