Hunter Nugz and Paul Racers

In the ongoing quest for improving all possible Rambler build variants, as well as being able to answer customer questions with first hand knowledge, we recently acquired a set of Hunter Nugs from Rick at Hunter Cycles.  Thank you Rick for the samples, as well as the generally awesome things you bring to the bike world.  These cool little pieces of engineering move the cable adjustment point to the end of you brake straddle cable.  A side benefit is using the cut off end of the standard double ended road brake cable as the straddle cable. Having the ability to adjust your brake cable length, and thus brake pad position is a critical part of building up the bike.  The Nugs add an option to the list of possible adjustment point: the lever, inline, the stops or the Nugz.  Once I had the Nug in hand it became apparent that these were not going to allow for proper clearances with the standard Racer brake.  The height of the adjustable stop ends up in conflict with the pivot.  4.25 Racer Nugs-1050616 4.25 Racer Nugs-1050613 4.25 Racer Nugs-1050610 4.25 Racer Nugs-1050608These pictures show the brake in the open position.  Even with the arms in mid swing as they would be in use the clearance is just not there with proper set up for a 23mm rim.  As shown, the drive side pad is in contact with the A23 rim.  The spacial conflict occurs with the Nug and pivot in two planes.  I have a couple of other ideas that have sprung out of the test fitting, but until then, I can not recommend the Nugs for use on the Ramblers.

There is a chance that these might work with the Racer Mediums do to the upsweep in the upper brake arm.  I can neither confirm or deny since I do not have the Racer Medium on hand at the moment.

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3 Responses to Hunter Nugz and Paul Racers

  1. Dan McNamara says:

    Darn. That is disappointing. I held on to a set of Nugz for use on the Rambler when it arrives. Oh well. Glad you tested these Rob. Saves frustration at my end.

  2. Steve Palincsar says:

    It says right on the Hunter Nugz web site, “* do not work with Paul Racers *” a response to this post?

    • Rob says:

      Steve, the blog post is almost two years old. I am pretty sure his site did not say that back then since he sent me the set to test fit so he would know. Apparently enough people are/were curios, and sending a set for me to blog about was an acceptable way to generate the data.

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