Picnic with Coffee Outside

Today munchikin No.1 and I took the scenic route to school, breakfast picnics will skew their perception of being grown up for ever.

With about 400 feet of climbing in half a mile I was glad for the low gears on the family xtracycle.  About half way up we took a break for the photo op.

12.17 picnic WP-1030988

Once at the top she confirmed that it had been quite the climb up, much more work than in the car, and she too was feeling it in her legs

12.17 picnic WP-1040001I think she was mostly feeling the lack of breakfast.  We found the bench she wanted and set up fast.

12.17 picnic WP-104000512.17 picnic WP-1150015With all the hard work behind us it was time to make time for some real playing, a bit of exploring.

12.17 picnic WP-1040043Fully recharged it was time to get back down the hill and make sure her sister was ok before heading off to school and work.  These are some of the best times, I hope she never forgets.

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  1. Doug Peterson says:

    That is so cool to have an early morning kid that enjoys getting out. Great story, Rob

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