Local Coffee Roasting

Since the coffee outside thing began we have bounced around the idea of a house branded blend of coffee.  A few things have held us back a bit, making the time to develop a relationship with the right local roaster, projected volume to make it worth the venture and the basic fact that many of you doing the coffee outside in far away places have great local roasters of your own.  Today I stopped in to visit Centri Coffee, and Dillon and I hit it off right away.  He has a good thing going doing a fair volume of organic beans at some of the local farmer’s markets.

12.14 Centri Coffee wp-1030985We chatted a bit about coffee and all sorts of other things.  He was prepping for the holiday sales as well as tomorrow’s market in Ojai.  There happened to be a large amount of organic Sumatran beans running through the roaster.  One of my favorite varieties, and what I had been stopping by for.

12.14 Centri Coffee wp-1150001They also had all manner of other single source beans, and I can see that my coffee problem is about to step up a notch.

12.14 Centri Coffee wp-1150004With some samples in the bag, literally, it was time to get back to work.  I do know that I will be heading over to their space again once the chaos of the holidays settles down a bit. Dillon wants to boil some water outside, and the possibility of a collaboration in the coming year will work itself in time.

12.14 Centri Coffee wp-1150005

Thank you Dillon of your time today, it was definitely time well spent for me.

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