Raising the Bar

I was working through the normal Wednesday morning routine where I sneak out early, coffee and camera gear packed, and head out into the predawn to brew up a cup outside.  This morning a few minutes before leaving, the best Plan B ever kicked in.  Out 3 year old decided she was going to wake up with daddy at 5:15, and 34week pregnant mommy was not so stoked, as she figured I was already gone.  I headed upstairs, grabbed the munchikin, cereal fixins and moved all the gear over to the Xtracycle.  Then in a flash, we were off to set up “camp” under the glow of the sodium lights.

10.2 coffee munchikin WP-1030045 10.2 coffee munchikin WP-114061710.2 coffee munchikin WP-1030049 10.2 coffee munchikin WP-114062010.2 coffee munchikin WP-1030053 10.2 coffee munchikin WP-114062710.2 coffee munchikin WP-103005910.2 coffee munchikin WP-114062110.2 coffee munchikin WP-1030063 10.2 coffee munchikin WP-1030066 10.2 coffee munchikin WP-1030080Mommy was able to grab an extra hour or so of rest, and we had a blast.  I am pretty sure this is going to happen again, maybe even planned ahead, is that is possible with kids.

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6 Responses to Raising the Bar

  1. reeve says:

    Fun! This past summer I moved to the city and started taking my 3 year old to her new school by bike … thanks for the continual inspiration. Love this!

  2. Awesome! Can I ask which kiddo seat you’re using here?

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  4. Kyle says:

    That is what it’s all about. Very cool.

  5. Rod Bruckdorfer says:

    You are a good daddy and the memories are priceless.

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