Free Shipping on Orders Over $75

One of the surprising challenges managing the online storefront has been keeping the shipping costs somehow fair for everyone.  That is so that small purchases do not go out for free, stings on our end, or you having to pay $5 shipping to get some stickers in an envelope.

9.30 free Shipping WP-1140599While there are tools in the storefront software, some part of their logic keeps alluding me, and there have been glitches, most I do my best to make right, i.e. we usually eat the shipping.  As part of keeping this a business and not just a labor of love I need to get this part sorted out.

The only ways, without more complexity for us both, is to build the cost of shipping into the price of each item, or move towards flat rates.  I have chosen flat rates.

Sales Under $75 will have a shipping and handling charge of $5

Sales over $75 have free shipping with the exception of large items like frames and wheel sets.

Rambler Frame Sets have a flat rate of $45 in the US

In the long run we are still picking up a chunk of the costs, but not all of them.


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