Riding Errands

Back when the OAC blog started the whole thing was about getting out on the bike every day, and how easy that was if you use the bike as your basic mode of transport when you leave the house.  While a few things have changed here over the years and we have grown, the bike, Rambler, is still the main way I get around town.  Hundreds of pictures of myself riding around, and the pictures of me have tapered off a bit this year.  Today I made the time to shoot some while I was out.  Same loop around town and same basic errands, life is that way sometimes.  None the less, it is a hell of a lot more fun picking up odds and ends at Target and the food stores by bike.

8.16 errands wp-1020716

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  1. Great post. I’ve always known that you and I are connected……I just posted about using the bike for errands as well. Looks like once again our head is in the same place.


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