Creative Timeout

Keeping all the plates spinning in a small business can be exhausting some times, all in a good way of course.  Being creative, hands on and analytical often feels like a pack of trapped squirrels trapped in my head all fighting for time and space.  This morning I took pen(s) to paper, dusted off an old creative project and restarted the art for T-shirts that need to happen soon.

8.18 Creative wp-1020722And yes, it is amazing how much you can cram into a two car garage to get a business going.  Time to pack some boxes and ship some of it off to other folks garages.

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2 Responses to Creative Timeout

  1. Brian Sims says:

    That’s a nice man cave!

    • Rob says:

      thanks, it is a two car tandem with another 15 feet or so going back behind the camera. Pretty terrible for getting a car into, but makes a great workshop, and storage for long things like xtracycles and 10 ft surfboards

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