Wednesday Coffee Outside

Keeping things on track I made it up to Grant Park this morning to climb some hills, brew up a mug and have some breakfast.  Bonus was getting to meet Jose out on his morning walk.  The fair is gone but the Summer fog is still holding tight to the coast.

8.14 coffee wp-1020665 8.14 coffee wp-1020669 8.14 coffee wp-11403178.14 coffee wp-11403248.14 coffee wp-1020674 8.14 coffee wp-1140328New to the morning kit is the Porlex coffee grinder, quality of the brew just stepped up a bit.  Thanks to the family and friends for making such a cool gift happen.

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  1. Coffilean says:

    With the fog rolling in I decided to head up in to the hills for todayâs coffee ride Another great way to recapture some time outside this morning.

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