Flower Moon Coffee and Memorial day

Saturday morning everything came together for a photo shoot I have had in my mind for a while.  The flower moon would be setting over the ocean just before sunrise.  The tide was a minus 1.2 ft low, and the weather was holding clear with no fog.  I headed out to the remains of our towns WWII gun turrets that have been crumbling into the ocean for over 70 years now to brew up my morning coffee.

5.25 beach WP-The turrets are a relic from a time that there was a real need to maintain the security of our beaches.  The world has changed since then in many ways.  Crumbling monuments like these serve as a reminder of those who have come before and gave their lives to preserve our freedoms.  Take time this weekend to remember why we call it Memorial Day, many have given everything they could give so that we would have the freedom to do things like brew up coffee on the foundations of their old guard posts, enjoy the outdoors and play outside.

Thank You.

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