Rambler Welding

The next Round of Ramblers is in progress.  As are all Ramblers, these are hand-made in Portland.  This creates jobs, allows for, precision fabrication, strict quality control and a level of pride in workmanship and sourcing that you will be hard pressed to find in other production bikes.  Bikes built by guys that ride bikes.

5.24 Welding--25.24 Welding2-5.24 Welding--4 5.24 Welding--5 5.24 Welding--6 5.24 Welding-Now go ride your bike, pretty soon these will be ready to go and you will be wanting one, or maybe you are already in line?

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  1. James Stewart says:

    Looks great Rob. Who doesn’t love some b&w shop photos?

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