Breaking the Cycle

It is easy to fall in and out of routines.  Far to often we end up on the path of least resistance even when we know it may not be the best for us.  When I started the Ocean Air Cycles blog, it was about documenting my getting outside by bike every day.  Things have grown and changed a bit since then.  While I still get out pretty often a pattern started to set in back around Daylight Saving time this year.  The schedule took an abrupt nocturnal shift and morning rides went by the wayside.  The coffee outside kept me going at least one day a week, but even that took a vacation with out little girl’s birthday last week.  Shopping for new pair of shorts was the clincher.  Time to get back on the bike, every day, for more than a trip up the street to the PO.  This morning was the first of what will be many out and back trips on the coast.

6.4 Coast WP-1010542June Gloom has set in, and that makes it even harder to motivate.  Once out there though it is all worth it.  Foggy is way better than wet or cold.

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2 Responses to Breaking the Cycle

  1. doug peterson says:

    I actually enjoy cycling in the May gray & June gloom. I know it will be cool until late morning & sometimes all day. On the motivation side, having others to ride with is powerful. Everyone expects everyone to show up. I realize that’s hard to do with small children so more power to you for getting out regularly.

    BTW, the Vittoria Hpers are working well. In most of my riding they are cushy, comfy & quick. They were a bit lacking in the granite gravel that David took us through a couple of weeks ago, but he warned that knobbies would be the appropriate tire. The Schwalbes would have been problematic under those conditions as well.

    We’re doing a week long self contained lodging tour in a couple of weeks. Once we’re back, I’ll do a write-up comparison with the Marathon Supremes and pass the Hypers over to David.

    • Rob says:

      I like riding in the gray as well, it is just harder to get out of bed sometimes. Riding with others definitely helps, we will have 4 on tomorrow’s coffee ride.

      I am glad you like the tires. I really do believe light, well made tires make a difference, and try my best to spread that gospel.

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