New Plan

It has been a busy week, the seasonal flu circuit finally caught up with our household, and while a drag, I am thinking we got off pretty lucky so far.  I made it out for a short spin today before the next round of rain started.

I am catching up on more than a few fronts.  There is a push to get our short run of production Ramblers out to their new owners before the year ends.  I am confident that will happen, even with all the holiday scheduling challenges.

You also may have noticed, either as a backer or in the side bar, that the Kickstarter project did not fund.  I am grateful for all of you that had pledged your support to our program, and disappointed that we were unable to approach our goal.   I am working on alternate funding to gat a smaller batch of bike into production.  At this point I have 6 prospective buyers and need to get to ten.  I will be re-opening the web storefront in the coming week for deposits.  With alternate funding and ten or more buyers, I can place my order in January and have bikes ready to ship in April.  Stay tuned here or the email news letter for details.

I am also reviving the leather wallet program I started about a year ago.  I have a new source of leather from Hermann Oak, that is much nicer, more supple, thinner, and stronger than the last batch of leather I had.  I have improved the design a bit with a money slot, as well as adding a couple of different designs.

I will be getting these out as fast as I can, and adding them to the web store as well.  This batch has red thread, there will be blue and yellow, think Rambler colorway.  The wallets are something I do for fun, thy are simple designs tat work well, and help get my sewing fingers back in shape as I get ready to work on some more bags.

Happy friday, I hope you are able to squeeze in some warm dry miles this weekend.

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  1. Sorry to hear that the kickstarter project did not get funded. Things happen for a reason and it will all work itself out. You’re a talented guy with good intentions so I know it will come together.


    • Rob says:

      Thanks for the moral support, I know it is mostly a timing thing, and 2013 is going to be the year!

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