Working the Hills

While running the mid-week errands I decided to spice things up a bit by hitting the hills in Grant Park from the steep side.  Just to keep it sporting I had about 30 lbs of groceries in the bags.


There are a couple of lead in hills, then the first real run up of 10% grade, with a left on to summit, a 150 yard stretch of 14% grade,

DCIM102GOPRO At the time it seemed like such a good idea to get the legs pumping

DCIM102GOPRO Starting to have my doubts, but forging ahead anyway

DCIM102GOPRONot as bad as it looks once you are, but you still have to work for it.

DCIM102GOPROAfter the really steep part there is a little break, and then an easy climb to get things back in check.  After all of that, the reward….

DCIM102GOPROA fantastic winter day, temps in the low 60’s, light breeze and no rain yet, pretty close to perfect!


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  1. Ryan C. Nute says:

    Hills are always steeper than they look in photos…


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