Getting ready for SF

The SF expo is only 20 days away, time is burning off fast and there is a ton left to do.  The fork that has been mismatched on the 57 is off at the local powder coater to get a new red finish.  At least a week of waiting, and that is the bike that will be wired with lights.  The yellow 51 is getting the porteur treatment.  There will be new tires all around, and a thorough cleaning.  The bits and pieces needed have been trickling in.

Somewhere in the creative part of my mind I have a fantasy of making some new bags too, we will see how that goes. Not to mention the stickers, cards, posters and other fun things that you likely need for a show.

I am still pushing the kickstarter thing closer to completion.  This is Key as I intend to use it as the vehicle for delivery on the next round of Ramblers, and part of the pitch at the expo.   If you have been thinking about getting one, this will be the time to do it.

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2 Responses to Getting ready for SF

  1. AC says:

    Hi Rob, I am a sometime reader of your blog via your add on Lovely Bicycle. I just read about your Rambler kickstarter. I then went through page after page of your blog but I couldn’t find any specific entry about the kickstarter project. I also searched kickstarter for Ocean Air Cycles, Rambler, and bicycles,but I couldn’t find your project. Perhaps you should make kickstarter category/ tag and provide a link to your kickstarter project? You’ve put so much work into this project I’d like to see you get it off the ground.

    • Rob says:

      Thanks for your efforts in searching, I have been falling behind schedule. I am working on video edits today, and should have the rest of the project completed for early next week. That is the goal right now. I will be broadcasting the heck out o fit when it goes live, it will hopefully be very hard for any one to miss.

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