Wednesday Around Town

I know I should be working on my Kickstarter project, but it was just too darn nice out, I had some errands to get done (family has to eat) and a call from a local vendor who had wrapped up one of my projects.  So, I made the obvious choice…..

A quick roll along the coast and then through the farm fields to the other side of town..

A quick stop into Silkworm, local printer, turns into an awesome chat about his giant pedal trike entry into the local kinetic sculpture contest, some vintage rides they have hanging in the back, and all the usual good stuff.  I got what I was there for, over to pick up some food and then back down to the coast.

You may have noticed the bags switching around a bit.  I had them all off for some pictures, then decided to throw the saddle bag up front.  It was an easy way to contain a larger load and push the boundaries of the bike.  Handling was generally good until I went past 15 lbs and added the sloshing jugs of juice, pushing the load up over 20 lbs.  Everything was manageable, but 20 pounds off-balance and sloshing was at the upper end of that I would want to do often.  In low-riders I have hauled twice as much with little if any effect on handling.  Lessons learned, it was still a respectable load for a handlebar bag.

The stack of stickers is taller than the half gallon of juice, yes stickers.

These have been one of the languishing projects that was supposed to follow right behind the t-shirts, now a reality.  I will have them ready to hand out at the SF expo in a couple of weeks.  They will also be part of the Kickstarter rewards, I will have it up in less than two weeks (promise), and then after that they will be up on the store front.

Now it is time to pay the price for slacking disguised as product testing and marketing.

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