Putting Things Off

It always seems like the mechanics have the beat up rides with all manner of maintenance put off, and a mish mash of parts keeping the bike on the road.  I will admit I am no exception.  Even with the Rambler it ends up a test bed for parts and ideas.  I have been using the Nitto Mark’s rack for a while with the Velo Orange fenders, and the two have been making all manner of noise, until this week,

Finally taking a few extra minutes to make a bracket, the added support for the front of the fender is a really big deal.

The catch?  Now I can hear all the other noises coming from the bike.  Most will be an easy fix, nothing that big, but I will put it off, in a couple of weeks the bike will be getting a serious cleaning for the SF bike expo anyway. Until then I get to enjoy the sounds of a bike that sees every day duty,

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2 Responses to Putting Things Off

  1. the SKS Longboard fenders on my girlfriend’s bike howl; they’re shaped such that traveling at 10-15 mph produces a standing wave and they sing to you 🙂

    • Rob says:

      That is pretty awesome. I have one helmet that will hum on descents over 35 MPH or so, it is a good gauge as to when I need to slow down a bit.If the singing longboards ever wears thin just find a suitable front rack to bolt it off to, it made a world of difference for my VO Zeppelins.

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