Shipping Boards

Today was a pack and ship day, and I saved the tough nut for last.  I have gotten pretty good at shipping large boxes over the last few years.  There is no way to get a traditional diamond frame bike in a tiny box, it just won’t happen.  Today I was stumped though.  It has been a long time since I boxed up a surfboard.  I did the smart thing, reached out for some help, and rode down the street to the FCD surf shop.

Cyrus and Ryland hooked me up with the right tools  for the job, thanks for all the help.

With dimensions in hand, and the board boxed up it was time to work out the shipping quotes.  Boxes like this, or bikes, fall into the dimensional weight category, big box of mostly air, and are not cheep.  I ended up back at the shop.  The xtracycle was the best tool for the job, in about 10 days Jon is going to be stoked with his new bonzer, and it will be the first time that board has been in the Atlantic.

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