Rain in September

Rain is not a common thing here, let alone in September.  We are glad for it, and I was glad to have the fenders today.  I made it out in the morning to ride just for kicks and catch up with a buddy, that is something that needs to happen a bit more often.  On the last five miles or so we were caught.  Fun stuff, a drizzle by most standards, but real rain.  I thought it might pass, but the drizzle continues.

I dodged the drops to make a run to the post office.

I love that I can squeeze a medium flat rate box (or two) into the saddle bag.  With the Rambler and bags I have, I can handle 80% of my local transportation needs.  Of the remaining 10% I could probably get by with more trips to the store and smaller loads.  The panniers are there for the days where there is just that little bit more.  I love my Rambler No.1, it is the most versatile bike I have ever owned that was not a tank and still a blast to ride.  I think everybody should have one, but I am biased 😉

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2 Responses to Rain in September

  1. Rob, please tell us more about the bags! Especially the frame bag.

    It looks like unwaxed canvas

    • Rob says:

      Yes, unwaxed canvas. I made the saddle and frame bag, and have put a couple years of use into them. My handlebar bag is an old Acorn, and I have been using a set of Jandd mini mtn panniers for 5 or more
      years now. Both have held up well and been extremely useful. That said, the Canvas is a bit floppy, serves it’s purpose, but is not my favorite. I am going to make a revised set in the coming month out of dimension polyent xpac. I will get a write up on the bags I have been using, and the pros and cons IMO over the next week or two.

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