Sunday Fun

It was/is a great day to ride.  I had the time and the need to roll multiple stops into a nice 30 or so mile loop of food gathering.  Off to the Farmer’s market and a couple of grocery stops.  Summer is holding on nicely and the riding conditions continue to be superb.  There were more people out on bikes than I have seen in a long time, and on top of that they were friendly, most waving before I could get a chance.  Just a fantastic day to e outside.

I have been working on some modifications to my camera pole setup, and this was also the chance to work out some bugs, and grab a few stills and video from different light and road orientations.  The pole worked fantastically, I was pumped to get home and see what I captured:

The only downside was that the lens fogged up at some point half way through he ride.  On the plus side, I have learned a ton about what I need to do to get the angles I want.  I also learned that I need to stop and check the lens before every series of shots.  This is the first time I have had it fog up, most likely due to how hot the little camera gets shooting video.  Live and learn, the next round will be better.

One of the many highlights was crossing paths with another guy (not on a beach cruiser) riding in sandals.  There is something fantastically summer that happens when you can feel the sun and wind on the tops of your feet while you ride.

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