Ebay and Shutting Down the E-Store

I have been blowing out some of the stuff listed on the current e-store on eBay, along with some vintage odds and ends from my stash.  There are a bunch of auctions ending in the next few hours, some of the stuff at screaming deals.  I need to get it out of here and make some room for the next round of projects.  There will be more stuff going up this afternoon and over the next few weeks as well. A sampling of what is there, the button at the bottom will take you to the auctions:

After setting up the e-commerce side of the site a couple of months back, the traffic has been high, but the sales were/are slow.  Not high enough to justify the fees associated with the service.  Later this week, the storefront will be coming down, and sales will be through paypal and or eBay as they were in the past.

We are still taking deposits on the Rambler.  Batches are smaller, but it is working.  I am getting the pieces in pace for a kickstarter project to move the first big batch into production over the winter, thus having bikes ready to go for the upcoming spring.  If you have any ideas or feedback on this sort of a project I am all ears.  I have good idea of the rewards I will be using, and an outline of the project.  The next trick is getting it all done.

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