Wednesday Errands

I made it a point to head out this morning on my old regular Wednesday morning loop.  The weather is fantastic, kids are back to school and the summer crowds are starting to thin out.  First stop was the swap meet.  I had for the, first time, not just a complement on the blue Rambler but a request for back story.  That made my day, hopefully he becomes a customer, at a minimum I am sure we will cross paths again.  Not finding any great deals at the swap, it was off across town to grab some food to round out the week’s menu:

The riding conditions are just incredible this week, temps n the low 70s, light breezes, clear skies.  Enjoying it in little bits, mostly errands and escaping the workshop.  The backlog of tasks is mounting. Still, I do my best to get out on the Rambler, it is hard not to when you see your dream bike from your workstation.

Also, you may note just how fantastic the red OAC t-shirt is holding up.  Believe it or not I still have these available, and trough the end of the week you can get your very own by clicking on the picture below:

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