SF Bike Expo

In the last couple of weeks I had to make some tough decisions about attending bike expos this year.  The original plan was to head out to Philly in October.  This would help me to get some face time for the brand on the east coast.  The fringe benefit being that 99% of my extended family(over 150 people at the last reunion), are all living either in Philly or pretty darn close.  Unfortunately we are having to push that trip off until next year.  The travel costs were just too much at this point in the business.

On the upside, we will have a booth at the San Francisco Bike Expo November 10 & 11.  I am really looking forward to this.  Based on my site analytics, and the general number of inquiries about Ramblers, a good many you out there are in the Bay area.  This will be a great chance for me to meet you all face to face, and for you to see, touch and maybe ride a Rambler in person.  Our travel dates are not set, but we may be in town a couple of extra days one side or the other of the weekend.  Drop me a line if you would like to see Rambler before, during or after the show.

This will be our first Expo, there is lots to get done between now and November, and we are stoked to be getting out there in front of the crowds.

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2 Responses to SF Bike Expo

  1. Jono says:

    Great news! Hoping you bring a tall-guy size (61 or 63) with you; I would love to take it for a spin.

    • Rob says:

      Cool, looking forward to meeting some NorCal riders. I should have my 63 and the yellow 51 there for sure. Tentatively I will have a 57 built up as well. If all goes well I could also have a couple of production frames to show off as well as some new bags.

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