Rambler No.3 Version 1

Here is Rambler No.3 as it was built up for last weekend’s ride.  This one is a size 56, with 650b wheels.  The place holder build to get her rolling included Col De La Vie tires, salsa shaft seat post and a vintage Shimano LX crank set all slated to be replaced later this week.

The bikes in this size range, 56 and smaller, will be constructed with 8/5/8 double butted tube sets to provide a lively, yet secure ride for a combined rider/bike/load total up to 240 lbs or so.  It by no means rides stiff, but things could get a little disconcerting if one were to push the load to the outer boundaries.  The sweet spot for total load is probably close to 190 lbs

On to the detailing.  There is plenty of room around the current 38mm tires, and tires up to 42mm and appropriate fenders will not be a problem.

I was able to capture some better shots of the detailing on the light wiring provisions: Fork wire guides Upper DT port and lower ST port.

All sizes will have the rear brake cable routed along the top tube at 6 o’clock.  This will work just as well as any location on the tube for most, but will play well with a frame bag should the rider choose one.  The weight of the bag will not cause any loading or friction on the exposed run of cable, and thus no binding of the brake movement.

I rode the bike around a bit this morning, and other than being small for me, it was a everything I hoped for.  Handling was smooth, with or without hands on the bar, no shimmy, comfortable etc. etc.

As for the two-tone color scheme?  lets just say it is a wonderful way to demo the red and yellow options, and a lesson in the level of direction and clarity needed when coordinating the color for future runs.

The next step is getting the components swapped out, fenders installed and the bike back under a rider for a couple weeks of commuting and after work rides.

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2 Responses to Rambler No.3 Version 1

  1. Matthew says:

    Good news about the lack of shimmy.

    If you’re still collecting feedback: Any chance you could add a kickstand plate for the production run?

    • Rob says:

      Yes, great news indeed. WRT Feedback, I am always collecting.

      I do not have plans on a kickstand plate for this one. There will be a stouter, but not crazy stout bike that will have the kickstand provision in the future. If you google surly and kickstand, you will find their blog post on the subject, and I somewhat agree. The amount of metal required in the area supporting the kickstand would be greater than the amount appropriate for this style of bike.

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