Tinkering Bell

I have an affliction, when I get an idea in my head, and work the whole thing out, I need to make it real, or it will haunt me.  Since I built up Rambler No. 1 the problem of a bell location has been haunting me.  I even considered adding a brazeon during the initial design phases.  Then this morning it hit me,  and when I had 10 minutes to spare at lunch, I was at the bench cutting up a perfectly good Crane bell.

It fits near perfectly over the cable stop, everything works like it should and the way the hammer strike bells work there should be no Auto ring from bumps.

I have seen this done before with the spring strike bells to dress up a naked shift boss, but as far as I know I am the first to piggyback a hammer strike bell like this.  If you have seen it out there let me know.

Now back to work, oh and Happy Friday – Play outside!

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5 Responses to Tinkering Bell

  1. Chris Wilson says:

    How cool is that!


  2. Jamie Stewart says:

    Great idea. Are you going to do a review on those Resist tires?

    • Rob says:

      I figured it would not be long before somebody notices the tires. I should have an out of the box type of review early next week. So far I have only put 15-20 mile on them. I like some aspects, particularly for the price, more to come on these.

      Likewise I will put something together on the bell. It is not as straight forward as the crane spring bells. There was a bit of cutting and hardware involved to get this bell to work.

  3. diybrad says:

    Rob, my bell placement haunts me too. I have a Crane bell, and I sort of see what you did, but I’m missing the final piece of how to put this together. How did you attach the center post of the bell to the cable stop?

  4. Stephen Dowdell says:

    I, too, would appreciate a bit more description and/or visual of how you modified the bell to attach to the downtube shifter/cable stop post.

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