New Parts

I was able to unpack today’s delivery from the big brown truck!

As always the fit and finish is incredible on these finely crafted US made components.  I will be setting two of the bikes up this week with the 46/28 wide range doubles, and all place holder seat posts will be replaced with the new Tall and Handsome from Paul.  I am not sure I will need all of the Tall part, but will resist cutting them short for now.

If you have had a Rambler on your mind and wondering what you were going to hang on it to transform it into a complete bike, I should have plenty of options soon.  For the “American” build I have accounts in place with Paul Components and White Industries.  For the bits and pieces you may have a hard time sourcing I can get what you need from Compass or Velo Orange.  I have access to many of the other bits add pieces as well.  I am working on sources for saddles, wheels and lighting.  There are custom racks and bags still in the planning phases as well.  Never a dull moment at OAC lately.

I have used many of these products for years if not decades, some are new.  I will be sharing all of my impressions as I press them into service.  Those that make the cut will be available through my upcoming eCommerce site to build up the Rambler you have been waiting for.

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